Clinical and Analytical Pharmacology Laboratory

A Centralized Analytical Pharmacology/Toxicology Laboratory is already in operation at LSU Diagnostics (Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab) at LSU Vet Med. The general laboratory space includes 5,000 sq ft. of laboratory space with three major sections: instrument lab, extraction lab, and drug standard preparation lab sections.


The main laboratory contains over 10 refrigerators and freezers that are available for projects. The major instruments available include two Thermo Q-Exactive Orbitraps, one Thermo Q-Exactive OrbitrapPlus, one Thermo and one Agilent Triple-Q LC-MS/MS, one Thermo Linear ion trap LC-MS/MS and one Agilent GC-MS. The other instruments include four Biotage Extrahera Automated sample processors, analytical balances, centrifuges, SPE Dry 96 dual concentrators, Turbo Vap evaporators, Solid Phase Extraction Manifold, Hot Plates, Mixer, Automatic Pipettes and four biosafety hoods.

This centralized facility provides analytical capabilities for investigators to design and conduct pharmacokinetics/toxicokinetic, bioequivalence and preclinical pharmacology studies. Please kindly contact the laboratory director if you need any assistance or have any questions.


The fees are provided based on project and the number of samples.

Research Operations

The core laboratory offers an extensive menu of clinical research operations services including:

  • Collaborative research grants
  • Analytical pharmacology using state-of-the-art equipment (Thermo Orbitraps, Agilent Triple Quad, Biotage Extrahera, etc.)
  • Method development and validation according to industry guidelines
  • Pharmacokinetics studies
  • Bioequivalence studies


Levent Dirikolu, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology

Director of Clinical Research

pharmacology equipment
pharmacology equipment
pharmacology equipment