Our Expertise

The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine’s Wildlife Hospital cares for injured animals brought to us for medical care and treatment. Our goal is to treat and rehabilitate these animals so that they can be released back into the wild. We receive approximately 1,200 wildlife cases each year with an approximate release rate of 73 percent for treatable cases.

Our mission is to carry out conservation medicine by providing veterinary care for injured wildlife, conduct conservation research, and educate the public about wildlife conservation in the state of Louisiana.

Our three primary focal areas are

  • Conservation: We provide veterinary care for injured native wildlife from Louisiana and surrounding states. The ultimate goal of our conservation medicine efforts are to rehabilitate and release animals back to the wild so they can contribute to the wild populations.
  • Research: We carry out research projects at the state, national, and international level with a focus on wildlife preservation and conservation.
  • Education: We provide veterinary students with educational opportunities in the field of wildlife medicine. The skills learned by these students while working with wildlife species are directly applicable to captive exotic species and are part of their training for becoming skilled veterinarians. In addition we carry out educational presentations aimed at the general public in the state of Louisiana. This presentations carry the message of wildlife conservation and provide an avenue for children and adults to become aware of the issues that affect our native wildlife species.

To see a YouTube playlist of our wildlife videos, click on the "i" on the photo to the right.