Grade Exclusion Exempted Courses

Rubric Course Number Title
AAAS 3901 Directed Readings & Research in AAAS
AAAS 3902 Special Topics in AAAS
AAAS 4124 Studies in African Diaspora Religions
AAAS 4322 Studies in African Literature
AAAS 4323 Studies in Caribbean Literature
ACCT 4231 Internship in Accounting
ACCT 4333 Internship in Internal Auditing
AEA/AEEE 4039 Topics in International Development
AEA/AEEE 4819 Special Topics in AGED
AGEC 3700 Internship
AGEC 4700 Title Problems in AGEC
AGRI 2001 Special Topics in Agriculture
AGRI 2900 Directed Studies in Agricultural Leadership
AGRO 3010 Research Problems
AGRO 3090 Agronomic Internship
AGRO 4091 Special Topics in Crop Science
AGRO 4092 Special Topics in Soil Science
AGRO 6011 Topics in Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences for Teachers
ANSC 3050 Animal Science Internship
ANSC 3900 Animal Science Research
ANSC 4900 Special Topics in Animal Science
ANTH 2016 Field Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 3909 Undergraduate Seminar in Anthropology
ANTH 4021 Advanced Field Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 4909 Undergraduate Seminar in Anthropology
ANTH 4997 Special Topics in Anthropology
ANTH 4998 Independent Reading and Research in Anthropology
ANTH 4999 HONORS: Independent Reading and Research in Anthropology
ARCH 3000 Supervised Independent Study and Research
ARCH 4221 Selected Topics in Architecture
ARCH 4700 Research Methods
ART 4020 Special Topics in Studio
ART 4366 Special Studies in Printmaking
ART 4514 Experimental Design
ART 4567 Interactive Multimedia
ART 4641 Special Studies in Ceramics
ART 4651 Special Studies in Jewelry/Metalsmithing
ART 4691 Senior Project Ceramics
ART 4741 Special Studies in Sculpture
ART 4841 Special Studies in Painting & Drawing
ART 4941 Special Studies in Photography
ASST 1011 Leadership Lab I
ASST 1012 Leadership Lab I
ASST 2011 Leadership Lab II
ASST 2012 Leadership Lab II
ASST 3011 Leadership Lab III
ASST 3012 Leadership Lab III
ASST 4011 Leadership Lab IV
ASST 4012 Leadership Lab IV
ASTR 4750 Special Topics in Observational Astronomy
ASTR 4997 Problems in Astronomy
BE 3989 Special Projects in BE
BE 4989 Independent Study in BE
BIOL 3999 Undergraduate Research in BIOL
BIOL 4800 Selected Topics in BIOL
CE 3740 Independent Studies in CE
CE 4780 Special Topics in CE Design
CHE 3171 Introduction to Design and Process Safety
CHE 3900 Independent Research I
CHE 3901 Independent Research II
CHE 3910 Honors Independent Research I
CHE 3911 Honors Independent Research II
CHE 4151 Unit Operations Design
CHE 4172 Process Design
CHE 4221 Chemical Engineering Project I
CHE 4222 Chemical Engineering Project II
CHEM 2900 Research Internship
CHEM 3900 Chemical Problems
CHIN 4915 Independent Work
CLST 3050 Special Topics in Classical Studies
CM 4206 Special Topics in CM
CM 4207 Independent Study
CMST 2200 Practicum in Communication Studies
CMST 3013 Topics in Film Genres
CMST 3810 Independent Study
CMST 3900 Selected Topics in Communication
CMST 4142 Selected Topics in Performance Studies
CMST 4200 Practicum in Communication Studies
CMST 4312 Topics in Critical Media Theory and Practice
CMST 4971 Special Topics in Mass Communication
COMD 4750 Independent Research in Speech Science or Linguistics
COMD 4751 Special Topics in Communication Disorders
CSC 2700 Special Topics in CSC
CSC 3991 HONORS: Undergraduate Research in CSC
CSC 3992 HONORS: Undergraduate Thesis in CSC
CSC 3999 Independent Undergraduate Research
CSC 4700 Special Topics in CSC
CSC 4999 Advanced Independent Undergraduate Research
DSM 3900 Internship in DSM
DSM 4900 Research in DSM
DSM 4996 Directed Readings in DSM
ECON 3999 Independent Study: Economic Problems
ECON 4900 Selected Topics in Economics
EDCI 4900 Special Topics in Curriculum & Instruction
EDUC 2000 Special Topics in Education
EE 1810 Intro to ECE
EE 3060 Special Projects
EE 3061 Special Projects
EE 3070 Engineering Practice
EE 4000 Special Topics in EE
EE 4002 Special Topics in EE
EE 4060 Research for Undergraduates 1
EE 4061 Research for Undergraduates 2
EE 4702 Special Topics in Computer Engineering
EMS 3090 Environmental Internship
EMS 6011 Topics in Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences for Teachers
ENGL 2920 Independent Work
ENGL 2921 Independent Work
ENGL 2922 Independent Work
ENGL 3000 HONORS: Honors Thesis
ENGL 3220 Major Themes in Literature
ENGL 3920 Independent Study
ENGL 3925 HONORS: Independent Work
ENGL 3927 HONORS: Independent Work
ENGL 3929 HONORS: Independent Work
ENGL 4000 Special Projects for Creative Writing Majors
ENGL 4023 Studies in Life Writing
ENGL 4027 Studies in Lyric, Epic and Other Poetic Forms
ENGL 4028 Studies in Drama 
ENGL 4040 Studies in the Age of Elizabeth
ENGL 4050 Studies in the Restoration and 18th Century
ENGL 4055 Studies in the Novel and the Idea of Narrative
ENGL 4060 Studies in the Romantic Movement
ENGL 4062 Studies in the Victorian Age
ENGL 4070 Studies in American Literature to 1865
ENGL 4071 Studies in American Literature since 1865
ENGL 4080 Studies in Modernism
ENGL 4086 Studies in the Short Story
ENGL 4120 Studies in Major Authors
ENGL 4121 Studies in Literary History
ENGL 4122 Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies
ENGL 4148 Studies in Shakespeare
ENGL 4173 Studies in Southern Literature 
ENGL 4222 Studies in Popular Fictions
ENGL 4231 Studies in Literature and Film 
ENGL 4234 Studies in Literature and Politics
ENGL 4236 Studies in Literature and Religion 
ENGL 4300 Studies in Rhetorical Theory 
ENGL 4301 Studies in Composition Theory
ENGL 4302 Studies in Literacy
ENGL 4310 Studies in Language
ENGL 4322 Studies in African Literature
ENGL 4323 Studies in Caribbean Literature
ENGL 4593 Studies in Women and Literature
ENGL 4674 Studies in African-American Literature
ENGL 4680 Studies in Post-colonial Literature & Culture
ENGR 2050 Undergraduate Seminar
ENTM 3000 Undergraduate Internship
ENTM 4099 Undergraduate Research
ENTM 4199 Undergraduate Special Topics
ENVS 3999 Undergraduate Research
ENVS 4950 Special Topics in Environmental Sciences
EVEG 3272 Senior Project II: Consulting Format
EVEG 3273 Independent Undergraduate Research Project
EVEG 4780 Special Topics in EVEG Design
EVEG 4781 Special Topics in EVEG Science
EXST 3999 Supervised Independent Study and Research
EXST 4087 Special Topics in Applied Statistics
FDSC 3900 Food Science Research
FIN 3900 Directed Study and Research
FIN 3930 Undergraduate Internship in Finance
FMA 3001 Special Topics in Film and Media Arts
FMA 3020 Independent Study in Film and Media Arts
FMA 4001 Advanced Topics in Film and Media Arts
FREN 3090 Francophone Texts and Contexts
FREN 3295 Special Topics in Louisiana French
FREN 4080 Special Topics in French/Francophone Cultures and Civilizations
FREN 4100 Special Topics in French Language and Literature
FREN 4410 Studies in Contemporary French Thought
FREN 4915 Independent Work
GEOG 4997 Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 4998 Independent Reading and Research in Geography
GEOG 4999 HONORS: Reading and Research in Geography
GEOL 3909 Geological Research
GEOL 3999 Undergraduate Thesis in Geology
GEOL 4002 Special Topics in Geology & Geophysics
GERM 3091 Special Topics in German Literature in Translation
GERM 4043 Special Topics in 19th Century German Literature and Culture
GERM 4044 Special Topics in 20th Century German Literature and Culture
GERM 4045 Special Topics in Contemporary German Literature and Culture
GERM 4091 Special Topics in German Literature and Culture in Translation
GERM 4915 Independent Work
GREK 4023 Special Topics in Greek Poetry
GREK 4024 Special Topics in Greek Prose
GREK 4915 Independent Work
HIST 2075 German Civilization
HIST 2195 Special Topics in HIST
HIST 3117 Undergraduate Proseminar World History
HIST 3118 Undergraduate Proseminar European History
HIST 3119 Undergraduate Proseminar US History
HIST 4195 Special Studies in World History
HIST 4196 Special Studies in European History
HIST 4197 Special Studies in U.S. History
HIST 4901 Independent Study
HIST 4902 Independent Study
HNRS 1035 Life Science Seminar
HNRS 1036 Physical Science Seminar
HNRS 2013 The 20th Century
HNRS 2020 Contemporary Studies
HNRS 2021 Colloquium in the Arts
HNRS 2030 Humanities Colloquium
HNRS 2033 Social Sciences Colloquium
HNRS 3100 Internships, Field Work, Off-Campus Programs
HNRS 3110 Honors Peer Leaders Workshop
HNRS 3025 Advanced Seminar in Natural Science
HNRS 3500 Independent Study
HNRS 4000 Thesis
HORT 3000 Hort Internship
HORT 3010 Research Problems
HORT 4012 Special Topics in Horticulture
HORT 6011 Topics in Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences for Teachers
HRE/LHRD 3010 Internship in Cooperative Extension Service
HRE/LHRD 4003 Independent Reading and Research in Home Economics Education
HRE/LHRD 4804 Professional Development Internship
HRE/LHRD 4809 Advanced Problems in HRE/LHRD
HRE/LHRD 4849 Special Topics in Industrial Education
HRE/LHRD 4859 Special Topics in Business Education
HRE/LHRD 4869 Special Topics in Home Economics Education
HUEC/NFS/TAM 2091 Special Topics in Human Ecology
HUEC/TAM 3030 Field Study in Textiles, Apparel, and Retailing
HUEC 3091 Readings and Research in Human Ecology
HUEC/TAM 4047 Internship in Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising
ID 3759 Special Studies in Interior Design
ID 3761 Interior Design Internship
IE 4785 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering
INTL 3002 Special Topics International Studies
INTL 3991 Study Abroad Africa
INTL 3992 Study Abroad Middle East
INTL 3993 Study Abroad Asia
INTL 3994 Study Abroad Europe
INTL 3995 Study Abroad Latin America
INTL 3996 Study Abroad Russia
INTL 4997 Special Topics INTL
ISDS 3070 Independent Reading and Research in Information Systems and Decision Sciences
ISDS 3075 Internship in Information Systems and Decision Sciences
ITAL 4100 Special Topics in Italian
ITAL 4915 Independent Study
KIN 1999 Special Topics
KIN 2900 Independent Study
KIN 4501 Special Topics
KIN 4900 Independent Study
LA 4003 Landscape Architecture Internship
LA 4008 Advanced Topics Studio
LATN 4915 Independent Work
LING 4310 Studies in Language
LING 4750 Independent Research
MATH 3903 Methods of Problem Solving
MATH 4997 Vertically Integrated Research
MATH 4999 Selected Reading in Math
MC 3998 Undergraduate Internship
MC 4971 Special Topics
MC 4999 Independent Study
ME 3903 Special Projects for Undergraduates
ME 4933 Advanced Topics in ME
ME 4943 Special Problems in Aerospace Engineering
MEDP 4991 Special Problems in Medical Physics and Health Physics
MGT 3203 Independent Study: Advanced Management Topics
MGT 3280 Management Internship
MGT 4020 Internship in Entrepreneurship
MGT 4030 Independent Study in Entrepreneurship
MILS 1015 Physical Fitness
MILS 3013 ROTC Advanced Camp
MKT 4445 Internship in Marketing
MKT 4477 Independent Study: Advanced Marketing Problems
MUED 1700 Orientation in Music Education
MUS 1010 In Concert
MUS 1700 Recital Hour
MUS 2130 Secondary Voice
MUS 2131 Secondary Piano
MUS 2133 Secondary Organ
MUS 2134 Secondary Harp
MUS 2135 Secondary Violin
MUS 2136 Secondary Viola
MUS 2137 Secondary Cello
MUS 2138 Secondary String Bass
MUS 2139 Secondary Flute
MUS 2140 Secondary Oboe
MUS 2141 Secondary Clarinet
MUS 2142 Secondary Saxophone
MUS 2143 Secondary Bassoon
MUS 2144 Secondary Trumpet
MUS 2145 Secondary French Horn
MUS 2146 Secondary Euphonium
MUS 2147 Secondary Trombone
MUS 2148 Secondary Tuba
MUS 2149 Secondary Percussion
MUS 2151 Secondary Composition
MUS 2152 Secondary Guitar
MUS 2154 Secondary Jazz Study
MUS 2300 Instrumental and Vocal Technique
MUS 3130 Primary Voice
MUS 3131 Primary Piano
MUS 3133 Primary Organ
MUS 3134 Primary Harp
MUS 3135 Primary Violin
MUS 3136 Primary Viola
MUS 3137 Primary Cello
MUS 3138 Primary String Bass
MUS 3139 Primary Flute
MUS 3140 Primary Oboe
MUS 3141 Primary Clarinet
MUS 3142 Primary Saxophone
MUS 3143 Primary Bassoon
MUS 3144 Primary Trumpet
MUS 3145 Primary French Horn
MUS 3146 Primary Euphonium
MUS 3147 Primary Trombone
MUS 3148 Primary Tuba
MUS 3149 Primary Percussion
MUS 3151 Primary Composition
MUS 3153 Primary Electroacoustic Composition
MUS 3154 Primary Jazz
MUS 3997 Directed Studies
MUS 4005 Fundamentals of Musical Theatre
MUS 4120 Reed Making
MUS 4141 Piano Accompanying
MUS 4220 Piano Ensemble
MUS 4222 Woodwind Chamber Music
MUS 4223 Brass Chamber Music
MUS 4224 String (or Piano and Strings) Chamber Music
MUS 4225 Collegium Musicum
MUS 4226 Percussion Ensemble
MUS 4227 Marimba Ensemble
MUS 4229 Harp Ensemble
MUS 4230 Gospel Choir
MUS 4232 Men’s Chorus
MUS 4233 Women’s Chorus
MUS 4234 University Chorus
MUS 4235 Chamber Choir
MUS 4236 A Capella Choir
MUS 4240 Opera Chorus
MUS 4241 Opera Theatre
MUS 4242 Acting for Opera
MUS 4250 Tiger Marching Band
MUS 4251 Wind Ensemble
MUS 4252 Symphonic Band
MUS 4253 Jazz Band
MUS 4254 Symphonic Winds
MUS 4255 Chamber Jazz
MUS 4260 Philharmonia
MUS 4261 Symphony Orchestra
MUS 4400 Orchestral Repertoire for Instrumentalists
MUS 4745 Computer Music
MUS 4746 Seminar in Computer Music and Digital Media
MUS 4749 Seminar in Music History
MUS 4799 Coaching in Applied Music
OCS 3999 Undergraduate Research
OCS 4001 Special Topics in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
OCS 4005 Special Field Topics in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
PETE 3990 Independent Research
PETE 4241 Special Topics in PETE Design
PHIL 2022 Philosophy and Popular Culture
PHIL 2925 Independent Study/Tutorial
PHIL 2963 HONORS: Independent Work for Honors Students
PHIL 2964 HONORS: Independent Work for Honors Students
PHIL 2965 HONORS: Independent Work for Honors Students
PHIL 3020 Special Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 4786 Selected Topics
PHIL 4942 Topics in Meta-Ethics
PHIL 4943 Problems in Ethical Theory
PHIL 4952 Topics in Metaphysics
PHIL 4991 HONORS: Independent Reading and Research
PHYS 2995 Undergraduate Seminar
PHYS 4398 Undergraduate Research
PHYS 4399 Senior Thesis
PHYS 4750 Special Topics in Physics
PHYS 4991 Special Problems in Physics
PHYS 4995 Undergraduate Senior Seminar
PLHL 3000 Pest Management Internship
PLHL 3900 Undergraduate Research in Plant Pathology
PLHL 3960 Undergraduate Research in Crop Physiology & Weed Science
POLI 3000 HONORS: Thesis
POLI 3896 HONORS: Readings Course
POLI 3897 HONORS: Readings Course
POLI 3909 Contemporary Political Issues
POLI 4000 Special Topics in American Politics
POLI 4040 Special Topics in International Relations
POLI 4234 Studies in Literature and Politics
PSYC 2999 Undergraduate Practicum in Psychology
PSYC 4999 Independent Reading and Research in Psychology
REL 3010 Special Topics in Religious Studies
REL 3030 Topics in Mysticism
REL 4010 Selected Topics in Religious Studies
REL 4124 Studies in African Diaspora Religions
REL 4200 Special Topics in American Religion
REL 4236 Studies in Literature and Religion
REL 4500 Seminar in Biblical studies
REL 4990  Independent Reading and Research
RNR 2061 Problems in Renewable Natural Resources
RNR 4061 Problems in Natural Resources Management
RUSS 4915 Independent Work
SOCL 3900 Internship
SOCL 3901 Directed Reading and Research
SOCL 3905 Honors Thesis Research
SOCL 3911 Research Practicum in Rural Sociology
SOCL 4091 Special Topics
SPAN 3980 Special Topics in Spanish
SPAN 4034 Special Topics in 18th and 19th Century Literature
SPAN 4053 Special Topics in Golden Age Prose
SPAN 4054 Special Topics in Golden Age Lyric and Dramatic Poetry
SPAN 4915 Independent Research in Spanish or Spanish-American Literature
SPAN 4917 Independent Research in Spanish or Spanish-American Linguistics
SW 4070 Special Topics in Social Work
SW 4080 Special Topics in Applied Correctional Policy
SW 4099 Individual Readings in Corrections
THTR 2026 Theatre Practicum I
THTR 3800 Theatre or Film Internship
THTR 3900 Selected Topics in Theatre
THTR 4029 Special Topics in Stage Movement
THTR 4131 Seminar Contemporary Theatre and Drama
THTR 4136 Theatre Practicum II
THTR 4138 Film Practicum
THTR 4300 Special Topics in Arts Administration
THTR 4831 Selected Topics in CAD Drafting for the Theatre
THTR 4832 Selected Topics in Advanced CAD Drafting for the Theatre
THTR 4901 Special Topics in Theatrical Design
THTR 4902 Special Topics in Theatrical Technology
WGS 4500 Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies
WGS 4900 Independent Reading and Research in WGS

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