Louisiana Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program (CTEP)

During the 1993 Regular Legislative Session, the Legislature passed House Bill 535, and the Governor later signed into law, Act 253 of 1993 which enacted Louisiana Revised Statutes (L.R.S.) 17:3129.3. This law creates the Louisiana Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program (CTEP), which, if several stipulations are met, allows classroom teachers to attend Louisiana’s public colleges and universities tuition free (all other fees must be paid by the teacher) on a space available basis.

Prior to completing the CTEP application, please visit the Board of Regents webpage and thoroughly read the program guidelines.

Important Restrictions:

  • You must apply and be admitted into the University – either as degree seeking or non-matriculating.
  • Do not add the course(s) to your schedule yourself. CTEP operates on a space available basis. Once the last day to add has passed, eligible students will be added to the course if there are seats available. Adding the course(s) on your own will result in you not being able to use CTEP funds.
  • CTEP cannot be used for the following course types:
    • Practicums
    • Independent Study courses
    • Thesis & dissertation courses
  • The course should lead to an education degree/certification area or increase the content knowledge of the subject area currently being taught by the applicant.
  • Course enrollment is limited to 6 semester hours per semester (spring, fall, and summer)
  • CTEP applications must be submitted before the last day to add courses for the semester in which you’re intending to take the course(s).

Completed applications and any questions can be submitted to CTEP@lsu.edu.

Are you eligible for CTEP?