Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Students entering LSU may be awarded college credit for career related learning, professional development, or other learning experiences at the discretion of the academic department. If a student feels as if they have proficiency in a subject area but he or she does not have prior experiences to demonstrate the knowledge, the University also has a credit examination process that may be more applicable. Additional information regarding credit examinations can be found in the General Catalog.

Colleges and departments are responsible for determining appropriate assessments to evaluate prior knowledge and skills and are ultimately responsible for assigning course equivalency. 

Students are responsible for any transcripting fee associated with prior learning assessments.

The current fee for prior learning assessments is equivalent to $50 per credit hour awarded. If students request a PLA evaluation and are not awarded any credit, he or she will be assessed the transcripting fee equivalent to the evaluated course.

Instructions for Completion of the PLA Process:

  1. Obtain form and approval from Dean's Office of the student's degree program.
  2. Submit form and required documentation to Department for review.
  3. Department evaluates and sends grade report to the Office of the University Registrar.
  4. Office of the University Registrar processes and assesses appropriate fees. Office of the University Registrar then notifies student. 

If you are an LSU Online student enrolled in a degree program and have questions about PLA, please contact a Learner Concierge at 833-280-5634 or You can also visit this "Credit for Prior Learning" to learn more about PLA options for online programs.