Syllabus Database FAQ for Students

The database can be accessed under the Registration Services tab at the myLSU portal or at

While faculty are not required to do so, the University hopes the faculty will post their syllabi.  Students should also know that some colleges and departments previously created syllabi repositories, and they may decide to maintain them.  Therefore, if students do not find syllabi on the syllabus database, they should check these other sources.   

Certainly, and faculty can continue to use them. 

Yes, syllabi can be loaded for up to two prior years’ terms. 

Yes, for up to two years in the future. 

An uploaded syllabus can be deactivated, but it cannot be deleted.  Students will not be able to view deactivated syllabi. 

Faculty should use the course title as printed in the LSU General Catalog.  One hundred characters are permitted. 

Users can search by the following.  

  • Course Rubric  
  • Course Rubric and Course Number  
  • Course Rubric, Course Number and Section Number
  • Instructor of Record’s Last Name  
  • Semester and Year