Legend of Special Enrollment Course Codes

Please note that some sections may have multiple special enrollment codes

Code Definition
AER Affordable Educational Resources
AR Audition Required
CIS Communication Intensive – Spoken* 
CIT Communication Intensive – Tech* 
CIV Communication Intensive – Visual* 
CIW Communication Intensive – Written* 
CST Communication Intensive – Spoken & Tech* 
CSV Communication Intensive – Spoken & Visual*
CVT Communication Intensive – Visual & Tech* 
CWS Communication Intensive – Written & Spoken*
CWT Communication Intensive – Written & Tech*
CWV Communication Intensive – Written & Visual* 
GLB Reserved for LSU Global Students
HN Honors
IO International Students Only 
MJ Majors Only 
NM Non-Majors Only 
OER Open Educational Resources 
PD Permission of Department 
PI Permission of Instructor
PNS Pre-Nursing Students Only
RAG Residential College – Agriculture** 
RAR Residential College – Visual & Performing Arts** 
RBN Residential College – Business** 
RBS Residential College – Science** 
REN Residential College – Engineering** 
RMC Residential College – Mass Communication** 
RSE Residential College – Human Sciences and Education**
SF Special Fee Required 
SIA Supplemental Instruction Available 
SL Service Learning
W1 100% Web Based 
W2 75-99% Web Based 
W3 50-74% Web Based 
W4 1-49% Web Based 

* Communication Intensive Courses are part of LSU’s Communication Across the Curriculum Initiative 

** Residential College Sections may be limited based on Housing Assignment