Understanding CATS Application Status

As a student actively participating in the Comprehensive Academic Tracking System (CATS), you will receive a myLSU email notification if you are found not to be making minimal progress during a semester. This email contains a link directing you to your myLSU desktop. This link will bring you to the CATS Status tab under Student Services. These emails are sent twice during the semester, once after each assessment runs.

Current Student Information

  • This field contains the most up-to-date information regarding your College, Curriculum/Concentration, Total Semesters Off Track and the current Tracking Semester.
  • Advising Information includes contact information where you can seek advice regarding tracking issues.

Tracking Information

  • Use the SEMESTER drop down menu (if more than one semester contains assessment data) to determine in which tracking semester you would like to view unmet critical requirements. 
    Note: If you do not have any unmet critical requirements, you will not receive an email message. If you view CATS Status from the PAWS desktop, you will see: No Unmet Critical Requirements.
  • CATS Hold determines if you have a hold on your schedule for unmet critical requirements. This field will display either YES or NO.

Tracking Assessments

After selecting a tracking semester, you will see tabs showing which tracking assessments you have unmet critical requirements. Note: If you have multiple assessment tabs, you will need to click on the tab for the assessment that you would like to view unmet critical requirements.

Degree Program Tracked

  • Displays the degree program/concentration for which you have tracking data for the selected tracking semester at the time of the selected assessment.
    • First Viewed Date and Last Viewed Date fields show the first and last time that you viewed the TRACKING INFORMATION.
    • Assessment Date tells the day and time that the assessment ran.
    • Tracking Semester states what tracking semester you were in when the currently viewed semester assessment ran.
    • UNMET CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS field outlines requirements not met that have caused you to be considered not making minimal progress during this assessment.

Contact Information

For specific information regarding degree programs, please contact a counselor in the college where the degree program is offered.

For questions relating to CATS or CATS Status Application, email CATS@lsu.edu.