Electric Vehicle Charging

LSU has four (4) electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout campus which were installed as part of a grant from Entergy 2011. You can find the locations of all electric vehicle charging stations on campus by accessing the Interactive Campus Map as well the EV Charging Stations map. 

There are spaces specifically reserved for electric vehicles at these stations indicated by green-painted curbs, green-painted lines, and the universal symbol for an electric vehicle at the entrance to a space. Any vehicles other than an electric vehicle parked within these spaces will be issued a university citation and be towed at the owner's expense. If you are unable to use a space due to an unauthorized vehicle being parked within one of these reserved spaces, please contact our LSU Parking & Transportation Services Dispatch at (225) 578-5002.

To use the electric vehicle charging stations, follow the following instructions:

Visit www.chargepoint.com and sign up as a new user.
Use the connection code EVEntergy to connect you to the LSU network.
Check for an email from Chargepoint informing you that are eligible to begin using the Electric Vehicle charging stations.
If you have any questions or problems, please email sustainability@lsu.edu