Campus Parking Hours & Information

Hours of Zone Parking

Monday - Friday  /  7:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m. 

During the hours of zone parking, a vehicle with a properly displayed permit may be parked only in the zone (identified by zone number and color) to which the driver is assigned (registration permit zone number and color will be the same as the color of the zone on the parking map). During the hours of zone parking, a vehicle with a properly displayed permit may be driven only on streets within the individual’s assigned zone or on streets outside the assigned zone shown in white on the parking map. Individuals with Zone C permits will be allowed to drive through Zone B and other zones to reach Zone C lots. Except in a working capacity and in an official University vehicle, students are prohibited from operating vehicles with B or C permits in B and C zoned areas. Students may not drive or ride in any vehicle in the official area during the hours of zone parking unless permission is obtained in advance from Parking & Transportation Services.

Non-Zone Parking Hours:

Monday - Friday: After 4:30 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday: All Day  

Holidays: When University offices are closed  

Permit Display Rules:

  1. A parking permit is required at all hours on weekdays (day and night).  
  2. After the hours of zone parking, a parking permit must be properly displayed to avoid receiving an unregistered ticket.
  3. During these hours, the special zone parking and driving regulations are not in effect on campus, except as provided elsewhere in these regulations (e.g., special regulations governing parking on days of football games, basketball games, and during other events at the Maravich Assembly Center and/or the Parker Coliseum).