ADA Registration Form

In order to park in authorized ADA/Handicap spaces on campus, students or employees with state-handicapped placards are required to register with the LSU Parking & Transportation Services Offices (PTS). Individuals must complete the ADA Registration Form below or bring a copy of their handicapped identification card, driver’s license, and Mobility ID/paperwork in for verification. Once an ADA placard is registered to a vehicle, then PTS shall provide a sticker which should be immediately placed on the individual's LSU permit. The sticker is intended to notify PTS personnel in the field that the vehicle has registered the ADA placard with the department. The sticker alone does not grant the vehicle the ability to park in accessible parking spaces, an ADA placard must also be displayed in the vehicle by Louisiana Law.

For questions regarding the ADA handicap permit application process, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at (225) 578-5000 or email