Strategic Communications

Our team of experienced media and communications professionals inform both internal and external audiences about LSU’s priorities, our vision and values, and our achievements in solution-driven research, interdisciplinary innovation, experiential education, and partnerships with business and industry.


Dealing With an Issue?

Our team serves the university and its community by offering support and guidance in navigating high-profile issues or crisis-related situations. Contact us at 225-578-8654.


Campus Communicators

The Campus Communicators Network connects LSU professionals whose work involves communications and marketing. Our team works closely with this network to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and keep our campus partners up to date on the university’s latest communications resources and strategies.

Meetings are held regularly to discuss topics of general interest and may be hosted by an individual communicator or group of communicators. Access our service portal to add or remove your name from the list of campus communicators and the email listserv for this group. Find resources in the campus communicators asset box.

Internal Communications

Our internal communications team partners with units across the university to disseminate timely and relevant information to the campus community. Our goal is to enhance employees’ understanding of LSU’s priorities in the context of its mission while demonstrating that the work of faculty and staff is valued, that their needs and concerns are heard and shared, and that the campus is an exciting and vibrant place to work.

Issues Management

We assist the university with its critical communications to students, employees, parents, alumni, and supporters. We want our community to always know where we stand on important issues and that we value their opinions and interactions with us. We communicate key policies, create position statements that express our values, and help manage high-profile issues and crises. We strive to be open, honest, and transparent in all our communications.

Media Relations

We provide comprehensive media relations services to the university community, working closely with state, regional and national media to publicize student and faculty research, faculty expertise, and university announcements. We manage public and news media inquiries and assist members of the university community in preparing for or handling media matters.

LSU is committed to providing access to public records in accordance with Louisiana public records laws.

Requests may be made by mail, email, or in person. A requestor is encouraged to submit a written request that:

  • Includes the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the requestor;
  • Identifies the record(s) being requested with reasonable particularity;
  • Indicates whether inspection or which method of receipt is desired.

While LSU’s primary mission is education, the university is also available on a limited basis for other projects such as the filming of television shows, movies, commercials, and other media as long as it does not interfere with the university’s primary educational mission and necessary day-to-day functions.

All requests for a Permit for Filming, Videotaping, and Photographing and/or a Location Agreement must be emailed to along with the script for joint review by Finance & Administration and Communications & University Relations. If approved by both departments, the process of identifying specific sites, dates, and times can begin.