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Whether it’s providing existing energy sources like oil and natural gas or developing cutting-edge technologies, Louisiana plays a critical role in the energy industry around the globe.

The regional and national reliance on Louisiana means the energy-related work we do at LSU is vital to the state’s economy, the nation’s national security, and the future of the industry.

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LSU is a pivotal asset in providing practical and theoretical opportunities for students, industry, and research partners in a variety of disciplines related to energy related fields. 

  • LSU Center for Energy Studies
  • LSU Petroleum Engineering Research, Training & Testing Lab
  • The LSU Center for Atomic Level Catalyst Design
  • LSU Institute for Energy Innovation 

The LSU System is training tomorrow's energy leaders through a variety of academic programs and courses for undergraduate and graduate students.

Energy Academic Programs

Louisiana supports approximately 15 percent of the nation’s oil and 10 percent of its natural gas.

And Louisiana has the second-highest oil refining capacity in the U.S., with the state’s 14 refineries processing approximately 3 million barrels of oil per day. In 2021, Louisiana exported over $44 billion of hydrocarbon based products—including liquid fuels, liquefied natural gas, chemicals, and plastics—worldwide.

That makes LSU ground zero for the research, education, and training that is driving this ever-changing industry. Due to our expertise and geographic location, we are uniquely positioned to partner with industry and government agencies to advance new discoveries and to provide the highest practical and theoretical educational opportunities for the next generation of Louisiana’s and America’s energy workforce. Among our goals is to expand our research platform aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to create new opportunities and long-term jobs to power Louisiana and the nation. Join us as we build a national model for energy-related collaboration at the intersection of science and engineering.

“Louisiana is a great example of corporations, government, and society coming together to address climate change and support a changing energy system. In partnership with LSU, we can build on this legacy of oil and gas prosperity while further developing lower-carbon energies and technologies to progress Louisiana’s energy future.”

Gretchen Watkins, Shell USA, Inc., President


Energy Innovation in Action

Through the Scholarship First Agenda, LSU seeks to secure Louisiana’s future and create solutions essential to the future of agriculture, biomedicine, the coast, defense, and energy.

LSU welcomed Geraldine (Geri) Richmond, the Under Secretary for Science and Innovation at the Department of Energy, to campus on Feb. 28, where she visited with President William F. Tate IV and toured LSU facilities and labs devoted to energy studies.

SU researchers are using physics-based "digital twins" of solar-farming infrastructure to assess and minimize its effects on Louisiana ecosystems, funded by a nearly $500,000 experimental grant from LSU’s Institute for Energy Innovation.

40 Years

of energy research for the state through the Center for Energy Studies


LSU's on-campus industrial-scale facility, the only one of its kind in the nation, simulates oil and gas drilling and production operations


LSU's holdings in energy-related research grants

Energy Academic Programs

LSU has a variety of academic programs and courses for undergraduate and graduate students interested in energy related fields.