Live & Learn in Laville

As an Ogden Honors student, you can choose to live in Laville Honors House residential college. Laville boasts a computer lab, classrooms, lounges and study spaces on every floor, and a beautiful courtyard where honors college events are often held. Just across the Laville courtyard is the 459 Commons, one of two dining halls on LSU's campus. Right next door to Laville is a Norman-style château, La Maison Française or the French House, which is the Ogden Honors College’s own academic and administration building. This area is our honors campus, located at the heart of LSU, just across Highland Road from the Student Union, and a short walk to the UREC and to most academic buildings.

The concept for the Ogden Honors campus is based on a model established by Oxford and Cambridge Universities more than 700 years ago — one in which students live together and take part in educational and social programming within that living space. We work hard to integrate what our students learn in the classroom with a rich life of experiences outside it through honors programs and activities.

Student living in Laville are connected to personal and cultural enrichment programs that address communication skills, career choices, studying abroad, and a variety of other areas (not to mention social activities like crawfish boils and other fun events).

At any given time, our students are gathering somewhere on the honors campus to listen to a guest speaker, participate in a service project, attend the theatre, recite at a poetry slam, engage in classroom debates, conduct a mock interview, chat with their advisers — and the list goes on. The activity and proximity of our academic and residential buildings acts as a catalyst for students to develop their intellectual curiosity and leadership skills, and to forge social and intellectual connections with each other, with LSU faculty, and with honors staff.

Students studying in a Laville study room


Dorm room set up in Laville Honors House

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Applying for the Laville Honors House

To live in the Laville Honors House, students must complete an online housing application through Residential Life. 

  1. Submit your enrollment deposit fee.
  2. Indicate the Laville Honors House  (East Laville or West Laville Hall) as your preferred housing type on the housing application.
  3.  Complete your housing contract with $75 non-refundable fee in the housing portal.
  4. Find your roommate. Laville Honors House residents can search for potential roommates in the online housing portal. Non-honors roommates are permitted for roommate matching.
  5.  Get your room assignment.

For housing application and room assignment information, please contact Residential Life at 225-578-8663.


Top 5 Reasons to Live in Laville

  1. Take Honors classes and meet Honors advisors without ever leaving Laville (and wear PJ pants to both!)
  2. Crawfish boils, king cakes, and pizza (LOTS of pizza!)
  3. Bus trips to Houston and New Orleans (museums, parks, and more!)
  4. Bathrooms you don’t have to clean (Thanks custodial crew!)
  5. A beautiful courtyard where you can study – or play! – with other Laville residents