The LSU Ogden Honors College's OH!Portal provides informational resources and a platform for structured interactions between students, faculty members, and staff to support progress through the curriculum and the delivery of personalized student support and enrichment opportunities.


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Thesis and Upper Division 

The Upper Division Honors (UDH) program empowers students to pursue their academic passions and undertake an in-depth research project known as the Honors Thesis. With expert faculty mentors by their side, students contribute to their field's knowledge while sharpening their critical thinking, research, and communication skills. Honors juniors and seniors receive invaluable support from the Upper Division advisor, propelling them towards achieving College Honors at graduation.

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Honors Option

The Honors Option is an opportunity for junior and senior students to receive Honors credit in a standard 3000 or 4000 level course while maintaining their good standing and progress toward College Honors. Students and instructors will collaboratively design an independent component that enriches the course experience as an Honors Option Agreement. Presentations, semester projects, primary source research, and conference reports are examples of components added to courses for Honors Option credit.

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Fellowship Advising 

The Ogden Honors College Office of Fellowship Advising advises current students and recent graduates from all colleges at LSU as they apply for prestigious national and international fellowships.  Our mission is to:

  • Serve as a centralized resource for information on distinguished scholarships for LSU students

  • Publicize scholarship opportunities tand recruit applicants for prestigious awards

  • Provide assistance in the preparation of effective and competitive applications

LSU School of Music


OH!Pass is a partnership of the Ogden Honors College and the College of Music and Dramatic Arts, established to provide enrichment through free attendance for Ogden students to outstanding music and theatre events throughout the academic year. 

Ogden Honors College students may register for tickets until the ticket allotment is reached. For LSU campus performances, registered tickets will be available for pickup at the French House during the two business days prior to the event. Opera and Theatre performances will be available at will call prior to the performance.