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Natural Gas Pipeline Repairs

On September 1, our natural gas service provider will begin repair work on the pipeline that fuels much of campus. This regulatory repair work is required and will take place off-campus and outside of Baton Rouge.

Repairs are expected to take place without any issues or service interruptions. However, due to the critical services this line supports, including research labs, academic buildings, residence halls, and food services, the university gathered leadership from across campus to conduct a thorough examination of all potential impacts to mission-critical activities across LSU.

Under the leadership of Facility Services and our Office of Emergency Preparedness, we are now prepared for possible contingencies and have secured proactive mitigation solutions.

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Campus Sustainability

The mission of LSU Campus Sustainability is to enable our university to become more efficient and environmentally responsible in all of its activities and operations, and to educate students, faculty, staff and visitors about ways in which they can incorporate sustainable living and recycling into their daily lives and activities. We seek to accomplish this by promoting sustainable practices both on and off campus, in academic and in non-academic settings, providing resources and support for those who wish to incorporate sustainable practices in their work and life, and advocating for sustainable programs and initiatives.

LSU Campus Sustainability