Permanent Memoranda

Permanent Memoranda (PMs) represent policies of LSU. Along with the bylaws and regulations of the LSU Board of Supervisors, they are binding on all institutions of the university.

PMs address policy issues that are of a system-wide character and are established for the purpose of university administrative governance. PMs may implement or interpret laws, rules and regulations, and reflect LSU policies.

LSU takes care to assure that Permanent Memoranda, when issued, are in compliance with then applicable controlling laws, rules, regulations and policies. However, it is recognized that changes in such laws, rules, regulations and policies may result in all or a portion of a PM becoming incorrect or outdated until necessary revision is made. In such cases, those portions of Permanent Memoranda that are contrary to or in conflict with any controlling law, rule, regulation or policy are superseded. To the extent that the remainder of a Permanent Memoranda is unaffected by a change in controlling laws, rules, regulations or policies, the remaining portion of the PM will remain valid and in effect (unless the PM itself states otherwise). PMs do not grant rights to any party.

View the protocol for the development, revision, and rescindment of PMs, as approved by the President.

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Document Title/Topic Initially Issued Last Revised
PM-1 Permanent Memoranda from Office of the President 01/18/1954  
PM-2 Naming University Facilities 01/10/2012 03/01/2021
PM-3 Additional Compensation and Compensation: Faculty and Full-Time, Non-Classified Employees 01/06/2000 04/13/2022
PM-4 Student Travel Accident Insurance 01/18/1972 08/10/2005
PM-5 LSU Holiday Schedules (FY 2020-2021 through FY 2024-2025) 06/02/2014 05/24/2023
PM-6 Lease of Immovable Property 10/10/1974 03/28/2023
PM-7 Guidelines for Awarding Honorary Degrees 04/19/1999 01/13/2017
PM-8 Definition of Student for Campus Employment Process 01/19/1989 01/06/2000
PM-9 Banking Services, Safeguarding of Deposits and Investment and Reporting Policy 06/07/2004 07/21/2023
PM-10 Indirect Cost Allowances on Grants & Contracts 09/26/1991 09/26/1991
Outside Employment of University Employees Forms
LSU Baton Rouge
LSU Shreveport - Form A and Form B
LSU Health Shreveport - Form A and Form B
LSU Health New Orleans – Form A and Form B
03/22/1998 05/12/1993
PM-12 Educational Privileges, Educational Leave, and Sabbatical Leave 12/12/2000 02/01/2015
PM-13 University Travel Regulations 07/01/1998


  Presidential Directive - Guidelines Regarding Personal Travel by University Employees and Students to and from 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)-Affected Nations  1/30/2020  
  Supplement to Permanent Memorandum 13 - Travel at University Expense to and from 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)-Affected Nations  1/30/2020  
PM-14 Operation & Maintenance of Physical Plant 05/29/1973  
PM-15 Copyright Guidelines Regarding Electronic Learning 03/25/1995  03/25/2002

Protection of Minors Participating in  LSU Programs

Information on Youth Protection Programs

01/01/2020  07/03/2019
PM-17 Copyrighted Material, Fair Use of 01/03/2000  
PM-18 Registration of Motor Vehicles 05/29/1973  
PM-19 Determination of Teaching Loads and Proper Utilization of Facilities 05/02/1973  
PM-20 Employee Leave 09/17/1991 03/19/2024
PM-21 Use of University Automobiles and Trucks 05/29/1973  
PM-22 Commonly Used Name Designations, System and Component Institutions 03/24/2003  
PM-23 Ranks, Provisions, and Policies Governing Appointments and Promotions of the Academic Staff 02/02/2009  
PM-24 Council of Faculty Advisors 05/29/1997 09/03/2009
PM-25 Use of University Funds for Entertainment 10/11/1973  
PM-26 LSU System Policy on International Employees and Visitors 06/06/2007  
PM-27 Placement of Sponsored Agreements 04/21/1998  
PM-28 Visiting Scholars 03/11/1958  
PM-29 Student Referendums to establish new Special Service Fee or to increase  an existing fee 10/14/1998  
PM-30 Radiation Protection Program 09/01/2010 06/19/2020
PM-31 Residence Regulations of LSU 08/01/2016 09/11/2023
PM-32 Use of LSU Facilities & Premises (Supersedes PM-32 dated August 28, 1998) 08/28/1998 05/06/2003
PM-33 Drug-Free Workplace and Drug Testing Policy 11/02/1998  
PM-34 Procedure for Reviewing Disability Retirement Claims Under the Optional Retirement Plan 12/03/2002  
PM-35 Review of Faculty Ranks 03/23/2000 06/15/2021
PM-36 Information Security 04/19/2005 08/04/2021
PM-37 LSU Council of Staff Advisors 07/16/2012  12/17/2018
PM-38 Institutional Mission Statements 05/10/2007 07/21/2023
PM-39 Use and Acceptance of Electronic Signatures 2/15/2019 07/21/2023
PM-40 Military & Veterans Educational Benefits and Assistance 09/11/2023  
PM-41 Salary Cost Distribution and Conversion of Salaries 11/01/1972  
PM-42 Physical Facilities Inventory and Analyses 09/09/1974  
PM-43 Student Fees 01/19/2024  
PM-48 University Affiliations 10/21/2021 07/21/2023
PM-49 Information Technology Governance 01/14/2021  
PM-50 Review and Approval for Acquisition of Software and Services 06/30/2021  
PM-55 Equal Opportunity Policy 07/10/2006  
PM-58 Commitments for Data Processing and/or Computing Equipment 04/09/1986  
PM-59 Classification of Academic Current Funds Expenditures by Function 04/25/1973  
PM-60 Execution of University System Contracts 02/05/1991 07/25/2023
PM-61 Processing of Retirement Forms and Policy on Re-Employment of University Retirees (RESCINDED effective November 8, 1999)    
PM-63 Channels of Communications with the Board of Regents 09/09/1975  
PM-64 Intellectual Property – Distribution of Royalties and Other Matters (RESCINDED effective January 31, 2014) 01/03/1997  

Payroll Deduction Authorization 
Form PR 1
Form PR 2
Form PR 3

PM-67 Contracts between the University and Its Faculty Members 10/06/1997  
PM-68 Construction, Modifications, Maintenance, Care, and Operation of Sorority and Fraternity Houses Located on University Property 06/27/2019 06/27/2019
PM-69 Delegation of Authority to Execute Personnel Actions 12/15/1999 06/09/2021
PM-70 Return to Work Policy for Employees on Workers’ Compensations
Attachment 1: Job Analysis Form
PM-71 Retirement Transition Program (RESCINDED effective December 14, 2012) 08/24/2007  
PM-72 Obtaining Legal Services
Attachment: Guidelines for Lawyers Representing LSU
01/24/2008 12/10/2018
PM-73 Policy Prohibiting Sex- and Gender-Based Harassment and
Discrimination, including Sexual Misconduct
12/15/2015 01/19/2022
PM-74 Guidelines on Boyd Professorships 07/01/2014 04/23/2021
PM-75 Guidelines for Evaluation of Chancellors or Equivalent 07/01/2014  
PM-76 Detection, Reporting and Investigation of Incidents of Financial Irregularity 08/01/2014 07/21/2023
PM-77 University Pilot Procurement Code 01/15/2015 07/21/2023
PM-78 LaCarte Card Program (Supersedes FASOP: AS-20)  07/01/2015  
PM-79 Freedom of Speech and Expression
LSU Free Speech Policies and Implementation Letter December 2018
PM-80 Prohibition of Hazing  10/30/2018  
PM-81 Supplier Diversity Policy 10/01/2019