Thank you to our annual appeal donors!

Donors 2020/2021

Teaching ($1,000 - $2,499)

Ryan and Lauren Evans

Learning ($500 - $999)

Lisa and Bryan O'Neil
Danielle and Mike Stackus
Kayla Sliman and Duff Voigt

Curiosity ($250 - $499)

Samantha and Colin Baldridge
Jeri and James Corbitt*
Catherine and Stephen David
Michael and Nicholas Simone-Finstrom
Missy and John Korduner
Chaunda and Roland Mitchell
Brennan and Brian Rodriguez
Gloria Thomas
Pat and Bill Veits

Discovery ($1 - $249)

Lindsey Kelly and Kristen Bateman
Kenneth and Alyssa Bohnert
Nichole and Matthew Bonilla
Katie and Rodney Boyd
Ratih Lusianti and Kevin Caple
Michelle Grantham-Caston
Lynn and Stephen David*
Aaron Delaup
Cyndi DiCarlo
Emily Duboulay
Braley Ducote
Bridget and Gregory Dupuis
Katherine Estes
Jennifer and Marston Fowler
Thushara Chakkath and Manas Gartia
Wendy and Rowdy Gaudet
Maria Bampasidou and Thanos Gentimis
Sally Gilbert*
Kimmy Gim
Jessica and Lee Glasgow
Ashley and Miguel Gutierrez
Corinthian Henley
Cate and Ted Heroman
Alyssa and Jeremy Jacobs
Charlene Jenkins
Cynthia Jones
Christina Primo-Jourdan and Mathew Jourdan
Lisa and George Jourdan*
Jill and Michael Kantrow*
Mary Lynn and Cleve Langlois*
Kristina and Andrew Loignon
Kenneth Lopata
Shannon Martrain
Lauren Coats and John Miles
Ginny and Matthew Mumfrey
Elisa Naquin
Sangho Yu and Hyojung Park
Megan and Jake Riedel
Alireza Kheirkhahan and Shahrzad Shirzad
Nareej Sharma
Rebecca and Rhett Thiel
Cynthia and Steve Tiek*
Mike Tran
Thyra and Paul Vance*
Thao Le and My Vo
Svetlana Fayngerts and Anastasios Vourekas
Xiaoshen Bai and Chen Wang
Ying Wang
Wendy and Tom Willis*
Stephanie and Grant Willis
Jayla and Derek Wilson
Jing Zhou and Ye Xu

Giving Day Donors

Danielle and Mike Stackus
Maria Bampasidou and Athanasios Gentimis
Hiral and Christopher Arges
Cyndi DiCarlo
Jessica and Lee Glasgow
Claire and Josh Grimm
Missy and John Korduner
Revati Kumar and Raahul Sathyanarayana
Chaunda and Roland Mitchell
Ying Wang
Chad Gothreaux
Susan and James Carpenter
Mary Louise Melancon
Catherine and Stephen David
Britney and Steve Mellor
Lisa and Bryan O'Neil
Amanda and Patrick Staiano
Jeannie and Thomas Darling
Lauren Coats and John Miles
Katie and Brian Giandelone
Patti and Jerry Exner
Chunyan Gao and Xiangyu Meng
Lindsey Kelly and Kristen Bateman
Jennifer and Kenneth Neal
Samantha and Colin Baldridge


* Indicates Grandparent
Visionaries Club members are recognized in bold.

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