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Past Projects

Fall 2017

Using Verbal/Nonverbal Cues to Increase Hand Raising in Preschool Children During Whole Group Instruction

Kelleigh Berryhill, advisor Dr. DiCarlo

Learning to follow classroom rues is an important skill for learning. The purpose of this study was examining the effectiveness of verbal/nonverbal cues on hand raising during while group instruction. Full Abstract

Using Video Self-Reflection

Michelle Grantham-Caston, advisor Dr. DiCarlo

Video self-reflection has been documented in the literature as a mechanism for teaching new skills. The purpose of the present was to provide teachers with a mechanism for structured self-study via video observations of their teaching using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System. Full Abstract

Using Teacher Prompts to Increase Leadership Skills in Preschool Children

Sarah West, advisor Dr. DiCarlo

The purpose of the present study was to determine if teacher prompting could increase the frequency of leadership behaviors exhibited by preschool children during play and if teachers could increase their level of prompting of leadership behaviors. Full Abstract

Increasing Efficiency of Transition Time Using a Social Story with Preschool Children

Kathleen Nguyen, advisor Dr. DiCarlo

Social stories are age appropriate, short stories that explain a social situation. These stories describe situations to children in a manner easy for them to comprehend. The purpose of this study was to observe the effectiveness of social stories to increase efficiency of transition time. Full Abstract

Implementation of a Sensorimotor Intervention to Promote Positive Behavior during Whole-Group Instruction

Hayden Lyons, advisor Dr. DiCarlo

The purpose of the proposed study was to determine the effects of sensory activities prior to whole-group activities on child attention during whole-group instructional times in a pre-school classroom. Full Abstract

Measure of the Effects of Least to Most Prompt on Child Compliance During Whole Group

Kelsey Brown, advisor Dr. DiCarlo

Prompt Strategies have been used to increase the compliance of preschool-aged children to teacher directives. The purpose of this study was to measure the effects of the least to most prompt hierarchy on child compliance during whole group. Full Abstract

The Impact of Responsive Partnership Strategies on the Satisfaction of Co-Teaching Relationships in Early Childhood

Caroline Hulin, advisor Dr. DiCarlo

Lack of coordinated activities between two adults in the classroom can lead to disjointed instruction for young children and teacher stress. The purpose of this study was to measure the effects of a Responsive Partnership Strategies intervention on teacher satisfaction with their co-teaching relationship. Full Abstract

The Impact of Mindfulness Practices on Classroom Climate and Perceived Teacher Stress

Erin Hebert, advisor Dr. DiCarlo

The purpose of this research study was to assess whether mindfulness practices can increase positive classroom climate and decrease perceived stress in early childhood teachers.

Full Abstract

The Development of Rule-Governed Pro-Social Behavior in Young Children

The purpose of this study was to examine the process by which young children develop rule-governed behavior, specifically applied to helping behavior. Full Abstract

Establishing Classification Reasoning in Young Children

This study examines the impact of learning experiences in the emergence of hierarchal reasoning in young children. This study was the activity participants wait for in the rule governed behavior study (above). Full Abstract

Primary researchers: Dr. Noell, Dr. Donaldson, and Dr. Gansle

Spring 2017

Effects of Music on the Time to Quiet Rest

The purpose of this research project is to examine the effects of ambient music on the amount of time it takes preschool children to achieve a quiet resting state at naptime. Results will contribute to a deeper understanding of how music may be used to facilitate naptime in preschool classrooms.

Full Abstract: A Descriptive Study of the Use of Music During Naptime in Childcare Centers in Louisiana

Full Abstract: The Effects of a Bestselling Children’s Naptime Recording on the Time to Rest Among Preschool Children Enrolled in a University Child Care Center

Primary researcher: Dr. Daniel Isbell

Jason P. Bowers, Joseph J. Cassellberry, Daniel Isbell, Julius Kyakuwa, Yining Li, Emily M. Mercado & Elizabeth M. Wallace (2019). A Descriptive Study of the Use of Music During Naptime in Louisiana Child Care Centers, Journal of Research in Childhood Education,33:2, 212-224, DOI: 10.1080/02568543.2019.1577770