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What kind of research happens at the ECE Lab Preschool?

Unique, cutting-edge projects help us understand early childhood development, education, problem-solving and more. As a model demonstration site within our community and a training site for undergraduate and graduate students, the preschool's mission is to generate knowledge about best practices in early childhood education.


Take a Look at Some of Our Current Projects 

Child-Sustained Attention

The purpose of this study is to determine the mean duration of child attention to a self-selected toy and to determine the longest duration under which teaching condition children attend to toy play (child choice, adult choice, or adult presentation).  Two- and three-year-old children will be observed under each teaching condition and data will be collected on the child’s duration of child attention.

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Parent Perspectives on Preschool

Parents want the best for their children. We want the best for our students. This study seeks to deeply understand parent perspectives on preschool programs by sampling parents of three, four, and five-year-old children. Using photographs of preschool-aged children in a variety of activities, we will determine parents' outlooks on activities that encourage reasoning, predicting, analyzing, and the quest for understanding. Our goal is to help parents recognize the benefits of supporting children's natural curiosity and cultivate a life-long love of learning.

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Preschoolers' Book Creation: Comparison of Digital vs. Paper and Pencil Writing

This study explores preschool children's engagement with digital emergent writing and the oral language they use as they read back and elaborate on their drawing and writing. 

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Pause & Play

Play is a critical part of a child's physical, mental, and social development. This project is working with local childcare centers to see how much physical activity children are getting during preschool and looking at how much technology they use. 

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Our Purpose:

  • Research: To provide an evidence-based focus on developing recommended practices in early childhood care and education for Louisiana and the nation by promoting discovery, curricula, programs, and strategic partnerships, including funding support.
  • Dissemination of Recommended Practice: To enable the early childhood workforce to implement recommended practices for caring and educating young children.
  • Advocacy: To speak up on behalf of young children, their families and those working in the field of early care and education, for effective social policies that support the early years.