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We know you are more than a number. Your ability to be successful at LSU and contribute to our elite community of scholars is indicated by several factors. That is why we review every application comprehensively, looking at your academic performance in high school and who you are as a student, inside and outside of the classroom.

We know you are more than just a test score. LSU is a test-optional institution. This policy aligns with our admissions philosophy of full-file comprehensive review. This has always been the most important part of the LSU application process, and this will not change, regardless of whether you choose to submit scores.

The Common Application for the Summer and Fall 2024 terms is now open.


How to Apply

Submit Common Application Online

LSU uses only the Common Application for first-year applicants. The Common App serves as the application for admission, as well as the application for all merit-based scholarships offered by LSU. This application is also used as your Ogden Honors College application, if you are interested.

  • Access the Common Application, and create an account as a First-Year Student
  • Click College Search tab and type in "Louisiana State University" and add LSU to My Colleges
  • Once all sections under the Common App and Louisiana State University tabs are complete and have a green check next to them, you may submit
  • Application Fee: $50 (Eligible students can use a Fee Waiver.)

Note: Required materials listed below do not have to be submitted before the Common App. Please do not delay submitting the application because your materials are pending.


Application Information

Your academic record is required from all high schools you have attended and can be submitted using your choice of the options below:

Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)


You may self-report your grades and test scores using SRAR (Self-Reported Academic Record), which can be accessed in your LSU Admissions Portal after submitting your application.

Applicants must report grades exactly as they appear on the high school transcript. We strongly recommend having a copy of the transcript available when entering grades into SRAR. Click the button below for more information.

Test Scores

Test scores are also available to be submitted through SRAR or by emailing your admissions counselor an official score report or a screenshot of your ACT or SAT online portal. Your full name, test date, and all scores from the test date must be visible.

self-reported academic record

Transcript Sent By High School Counselor

In the Common Application, you will list your high school counselor’s information, and they will be prompted to send your transcript to LSU using their choice of one of the following methods:

  • Parchment Express (Naviance)
  • The Common App
  • Email a copy to
  • Mail an official transcript in a sealed envelope to the address below:

LSU Office of Admissions • 1146 Pleasant Hall • Baton Rouge, LA 70803


LSU is test optional. You will indicate on the Common Application whether or not you would like your ACT or SAT scores included in your evaluation for admission and university-administered scholarships.

Test Scores Not Included

If you select the option on Common App to not have your SAT or ACT scores considered as part of your application, your admission and scholarship decision will be made without looking at your test scores, even if you had previously submitted them.

Our admissions committee is trained to understand the context of a high school curriculum and how a student’s performance in high school will predict their potential for success at LSU. If you choose not to submit test scores, you will not be viewed negatively.

Please review our Test Optional FAQ page if you have more questions about your selection.

Test Scores Included

If you select the option on Common App to have your SAT or ACT scores considered as part of your application, your admission and scholarship decision will be made with your highest submitted score.

LSU does super score for admission and scholarship consideration.

There are several ways you can submit your ACT or SAT scores for admission consideration:

  • Self-report scores using the SRAR (Self-Reported Academic Record)
  • Self-report scores on the Common Application
  • Enter LSU’s code when registering for ACT or SAT as an institution that automatically receives scores.
    • ACT code: 1590
    • SAT code: 6373
  • Email an official score report or a screenshot of your ACT or SAT online portal to your LSU Admissions Counselor or The student’s full name, test date, and all scores from that test date must be visible.


We require at least one letter of recommendation from an academic source (counselor, teacher, advisor, administrator, etc.) or someone who can speak to your ambitions, work ethic, or perseverance through challenges.

This letter of recommendation will also be utilized for scholarship awarding, where more depth of an applicant is necessary for specific departmental or donor awards.

Applicants will list their preferred recommender on the Common Application, which will notify that person and provide instructions for them to submit. Letters of Recommendation can also be emailed to

Applicants do not need to have the letter before submitting the Common Application.

You are more than a single test score.

LSU's comprehensive review process ensures we never make admissions decisions based solely on numbers. Instead, we look at the entire student and application to determine how likely you are to be successful at LSU. Our admissions committee reviews each application twice, and we seek to learn all about you. 

There are many factors that we consider, but the most important is your academic performance at your high school, as it is the strongest predictor of academic success. This review includes assessing high school courses, focusing on core courses, grade trends over time, grades in specific disciplines aligned with intended major, and overall grade point average.

Other factors are evaluated in our review, but these do not supersede the assessment of academic factors. These factors include characteristics that positively correlate to student success in college. 

Profile Type Range
GPA 3.5 - 4.1
ACT Composite Score 23 - 29
SAT Total Score 1130 - 1310


These numbers represent the middle 50 percent of our admitted freshmen, which means 25 percent of students exceeded this range and 25 percent fell below this range. 84% of students are in the top half of their high school class.


of undergraduates can participate in research


of students are on financial aid or scholarship

$20K More

LSU graduates earn $20K more per year than the national average