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Pre-Public Health

You thrive on service learning opportunities and enjoy working with the community to address public health issues.

Pathway to Public Health

Our Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) program is designed as a 2 + 2 program where you will spend 2 years (on average) completing prerequisite coursework (60 credit hours) followed by 2 years with us at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans for the remainder of your coursework.

  1. Designate your “major” at LSU as Pre-Public Health, which is a pre-professional/non-degree program at LSU
  2. Take the necessary pre-requisite courses for the Public Health program ( LSU Health New Orleans). Because the Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health focuses on an interdisciplinary model, there are many possible options to fulfill this program’s prerequisites. You may set up an appointment with the pre-public health advisor to review these prerequisites.
  3. Maintain a high GPA, especially in math- and science-related coursework. Students must complete 60 semester hours in the foundational courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale and a credit of “C” or better in all prerequisite courses prior to initial registration for the Bachelor of Public Health program.)
  4. Complete your personal essay on your interest and dedication to a career in public health.
  5. Gain relevant work and volunteer experience to increase understanding of public health issues.
  6. Submit an application to the Public Health program ( LSU Health New Orleans by July 31st of each year to begin in the Fall semester of that year. This program only accepts a class each Fall semester. 


To discuss how you may complete the prerequisite requirements for Pre-Public Health, please make an appointment with Anthony Oster. 

  • LSU students may schedule an appointment with Anthony Oster using the Navigate Student App found in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

At this time due to Covid-19, virtual appointments are available with Anthony Oster using the Navigate app on your phone:

  1. Select the "Appointments" widget
  2. Select “Academic Advising (UCFY & UCAC)” for the care unit
  3. Select “Public Health Advising" as your reason for the appointment. Note in the "Comments" box whether you are pursuing an undergraduate degree while also pursuing Public Health or if you are just pursuing the Public Health prerequisites.
  4. Lastly, select the day, time, and advisor. The app will send you a confirmation email/text to let you know the appointment has been created. The advisor you scheduled your appointment with will email you prior to the appointment time in order to invite you to join a Zoom video/audio appointment and to send you important documents. You can communicate with your advisor via email if you have any questions or concerns about the Zoom appointment.
  • Prospective or incoming students currently without an LSU class schedule may email to schedule an appointment.

Estimated Time to Completion

  • 2 years of undergraduate coursework (60 hours)
  • 2 years at LSU Health Science in New Orleans, LA (60 credit hours in Public Health specific coursework)
  • 4-5 estimated total years of school after high school

Common Majors at LSU for Public Health Students

  • Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Coastal Environmental Science: Environmental Science & Research
  • Kinesiology: Human Movement Science
  • Microbiology


Pre-Public Health Advisor

Anthony Oster (Pre-Pharmacy Advisor)
150 Himes Hall, Center for Advising and Counseling


Current LSU Students are encouraged to enroll in the community Moodle for this program. 

This online portals serve as the most up-to-date resource for students interested in the Public Health Professions.