Strategic Framework

The Scholarship First Strategic Framework aligns our efforts to elevate our state and its people through education, discovery, outreach, and leadership. As the Statewide University, LSU will serve as a cornerstone of Louisiana’s prosperity, building teams that win for our state.

William F. Tate IVLSU President
President Tate
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These are the “deltas” for Louisiana that we believe we can take the lead and be partners in. To achieve these deltas, we will construct a foundation based upon talent and tools, fulfill our mission through the pursuit of clear and measurable goals, and achieve distinction by transcending geography in the pursuit of greater collaborations in service to our people.

  1. A K-12 educational system that prepares students for the future and supports a prosperous economy
  2. An effective, efficient higher education system that fulfills the workforce needs and deploys knowledge for the public good
  3. A diversified economy that drives general prosperity
  4. Better health and an effective, efficient health care delivery system, while eliminating health disparities
  5. Successful defense of our natural and man-made assets located along the coast and rivers
  6. Preservation of one of America’s most unique environments and “Sportsman’s Paradise”
  7. A cyber infrastructure for our businesses and government that is free from crime and intimidation
  8. Expansive access to artistic and cultural opportunities for personal development and global understanding
  9. A new perception of Louisiana among its sister states
Drive National Prominence, Engage Through the Mission, Build the Foundation


When talented people join together for a purpose and are given access to the tools needed to achieve their personal and collective goals, monumental achievements can happen. 

Talented people with the right tools can fulfill the mission of serving students through education and preparation, research that enhances understanding and saves lives, and engagement through sharing of knowledge and talents in service to the common good.

Through each of our efforts and in service to Louisiana, LSU will be recognized nationally as a leader.

Our Vision

Our shared principles unite us in character and action, guide our pursuit of collective priorities, and illuminate who we are as a community.

Seek Truth

Truth-seeking is a foundational tenet of higher education.

Embody Integrity

In pursuit of truth and in the conduct of our work and lives, we strive to do what is right for ourselves and for our community.

Empower Excellence

Excellence begets excellence

Engage in Service

A special characteristic of Louisiana culture is the degree to which people care for one another, and that permeates our academic endeavors.

Our Values

To use our talents and discoveries with purpose and passion in service to Louisiana

The Framework

The Scholarship First Strategic Framework serves as a broad roadmap for strategic planning across Louisiana State University campuses, aiming to set benchmarks for future success.

The Board of Supervisors envisions the LSU as a unified statewide entity, not a collection of separate entities, striving to enhance Louisiana's talent and economic prosperity. By operating cohesively, the "Statewide University" aims to expand educational opportunities, advance research aligned with the state's needs, and extend resources for the public good. To achieve these goals, the framework advocates for building a strong foundation, fostering innovation, and then engaging fully with the state's mission of teaching, research, and service. National prominence is the ultimate goal, driven by individual excellence and collective action, focusing on key priorities like agriculture, biomedical, coast, defense, and energy to maximize impact statewide.


Campus Plans

With the Strategic Plan Framework as a guide, each campus is tasked with developing a strategic plan to support the overall university mission. 

As plans are developed and approved, links to each plan will be provided.

Pentagon Priorities

The most complex challenges of our state require a combination of talents from a broad set of disciplines. This framework will create the operating environment to incent people to collaborate across organizational boundaries and address the complex problems of our time. As resources are limited, the leadership will prioritize five areas viewed as the intersection of the state’s greatest needs and the university enterprise’s ability to generate meaningful change, and they are designated as the Pentagon Priorities:

  • Agriculture
  • Biomedical/Health
  • Coast, Defense
  • Energy

Each of these areas need multidisciplinary participation and will require basic and clinical research, social understanding and ethics, education and development of a workforce, creation of new products, and extension of the information to Louisianans who can use it. In other words, it’s a full-court press to defend and protect the state.

Learn more about the Pentagon Priorities

Scholarship First Updates

For National Blueberry Month, Pennington Biomedical researchers are sharing the health benefits of this "super" food, along with ways to incorporate blueberries into your diet.

LSU Researcher Elias Bou-Harb and students plan to stage a hypothetical healthcare cyberattack exercise at the annual NATO Cyber Coalition, helping participants strengthen their cyber defense abilities.

An LSU PhD candidate in kinesiology with a passion for treating and preventing metabolic disease has been chosen for a National Institutes of Health F31 fellowship, which employs a rigorous process to select only the most devoted and deserving applicants.