About Us

The LSU Police Department is organized as a traditional police department and Officers are commissioned with statewide arrest authority, per Louisiana Revised Statute (LRS) 17:1805. This means all LSU Police Officers are peace officers with authority to enforce state law. They provide a full range of law enforcement services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

All Officers receive training that exceeds State standards. (Learn more about training).

LSU PD has jurisdiction on all LSU property. However, when a crime originates on LSU property, LSU PD's jurisdiction extends to any area in the state of Louisiana where the investigation may lead. 

The Department currently employs approximately 60 sworn law enforcement officers, serving over 30,000 students, 5,000 employees and thousands of visitors every year on the main campus in Baton Rouge. 

The Department also services nine satellite locations, which are located in Baton Rouge and St. Gabriel:

  • South Campus off of Nicholson Drive (Hwy 30)
  • Rural Life off of Essen Lane (Hwy 3064)
  • Hilltop Arboretum on Highland Road (Hwy 427)
  • CAMD (Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices) on Jefferson Hwy (Hwy 73)
  • Ag Center Central Research Station on Ben Hur
  • Ag Center Sugar Research Station in St. Gabriel
  • Bird Refuge on West Lakeshore
  • Crest Property on July Street

LSU Police works closely with Federal, State, and Local public safety partners. 


The Louisiana State University Police Department exists to provide a secure and safe environment through professional law enforcement services that enhance the educational process. The Department will support the University mission through delivery of high-quality services to the University and surrounding community. 


To continue to understand the importance of collaborating with our diverse community to improve the safety for those who live, work, study, or visit Louisiana State University. Our Officers do this through a combination of proactive and educational law enforcement services. We will continue to build on the partnerships with our students, faculty, staff, and the community, to prevent the next crime. Our primary concern is to serve and protect all who come to campus. 


  • HONOR - Our commitment to being fair, truthful, and ethical at all times.
  • EXCELLENCE - Our commitment to providing the highest quality of service in everything we do.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Our commitment to take responsibility for all of our actions. 
  • RESPECT - Our commitment to value others and to treat them equally regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or beliefs.
  • TEAMWORK - Our commitment to work hand in hand with the entire University with a spirit of innovation and cooperation. 

A Brief History

The LSU Police Department (LSU PD) traces its lineage back to 1938 when Charles R. Anderson was hired as a night watchman. On June 17, 1942, Mr. Anderson was appointed the Chief Watchman and continued to serve as Chief until retirement in July 1973. 

In 1968, the Louisiana legislature granted Police Officer status to University Security Officers. The official name of the Department was later changed to Louisiana State University Police.