Integrative Learning Core

Integrative Learning Core

LSU's General Education Program

In serving the mission of LSU to be a leading research-extensive university and challenging undergraduate students to achieve the highest levels of intellectual and personal development, LSU provides students with an enhanced general education program, the Integrative Learning Core (ILC). The fundamental idea of the ILC program is that students develop, across the undergraduate curriculum, the practical and intellectual capacities associated with integrative learning in preparation for higher post-baccalaureate competence and functionality.

LSU's ILC program complies with the Louisiana Board of Regents Statewide General Education Requirements to complete 39 hours of courses in six disciplinary areas: English Composition, Mathematics/Analytical Reasoning, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social/Behavioral Sciences. In addition, the ILC program contributes to students' competency in one or more of the following proficiencies: Civic Engagement, Ethical Reasoning, Global Learning, Intercultural Knowledge and Competence, Inquiry and Analysis, Oral Communication, Problem Solving, Quantitative and Formal Reasoning, and Written Communication. 

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