Strategic Initiatives and Impact

We collaborate across the LSU landscape to foster a supportive environment that enables students to access resources, engage in various developmental opportunities, and advance in their personal and professional lives.

Our approach involves creating access to programs, fostering student engagement, providing opportunities for advancement, and ensuring thorough preparation across all focus areas.

student at career expo

Leadership Development

  • Programs and services that empower students to develop leadership skills
  • Opportunities for students to take on leadership roles within the university community
  • Collaborative initiatives with faculty, staff, and external partners to foster leadership growth
career expo

Career Readiness and Workforce Development

  • Resources for career exploration, internships, and job placement
  • Partnerships with employers and industry leaders to enhance students' workforce readiness
  • Workshops, events, and mentoring programs to support students in their career development
students in lab

First Year experience, College REadiness, and Mentoring

  • Orientation and transition programs for first-year students
  • Mentorship opportunities for new students to connect with experienced peers or faculty
  • Collaborations with academic departments to ensure college readiness and a successful first-year experience

Genesis Mentoring

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Safety, Health, and Wellness

  • Services promoting student well-being, including mental health support and wellness programs
  • Collaborative efforts with campus health services and community organizations to enhance student safety and wellness
  • Resources for promoting a healthy and safe campus environment

Support from Title IX


Engage. Grow. Learn.

Supported students fully engage with the university community and pursue excellence. Our teams are knowledgeable collaborators and leaders who prepare students to achieve success.