learning today. changing tomorrow.

In our ever-changing world, every interaction is a change to make an impact. We are not sideline sitters; we are change makers, heart changers, and we leave an imprint - not a light one, but one that alters the landscape, challenges minds, forges new futures, and reimagines the status quo.

So whether your goal is to enhance student learning, promote health and wellness for generations to come, help strengthen families, or develop better workplaces, a lifetime worth of experiences waits for you at the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education.



largest college on LSU's campus, with a total of 2,551 students


45 degree programs offered by our 5 schools


degrees awarded


CHSE Covers the Lifespan

We study humans. Tiny humans. Not-so-tiny humans. Young humans. Old humans. And, yes, even the remains of humans. We learn how they react, how they're influenced by their environment, how they learn, what makes them grow (or not), and how we can make their lives better, healthier, and happier. 

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Cypress Hall serves as the College of Human Sciences & Education's residential college.  Nestled among the trees of the Enchanted Forest and steps from the Greek Amphitheater, Cypress Hall is located near some of LSU's most iconic landmarks. 

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