Preschool Painters Showcase Art at the LSU Museum of Art

Baton Rouge, LA - LSU Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool (LSU ECELP) students joined the ranks of celebrated artists as they showcased their artwork in a gallery opening at the LSU Museum of Art on Thursday, May 17.

Students contributed small sculptures, George Rodrigue inspired blue animal paintings, Frank Lloyd Wright geometric designs, classroom still life, and much more. Parents, teachers, friends and family were invited to attend the gallery opening and reception to enjoy the work of the preschool Picassos.

Each classroom selected an artist and incorporated the artist’s style of art into their current classroom projects. Teacher’s guided children in a discussion about the various features of the artist’s work. They then provided children with the materials to create their own interpretations of the selected art.

The LSU ECELP is aligned with the LSU School of Education’s Early Childhood Education program and as the flagship university for the state, serves as a model for instruction, research, and developmentally appropriate learning strategies. The LSU ECELP is also committed to the Reggio Emilia-style of learning. At its core, this child-led philosophy encourages children to discover the world around them led by their interests, encouraging investigation, communication, and collaboration. This gallery opening demonstrates the students’ creativity and represents their self-guided exploration of art.

The LSU ECELP currently serves 175 children each day ages 6 weeks to 5 years and is located on LSU’s main campus in Baton Rouge, LA.


Photo of three cookies on a white paper plate.  The photo is above a Preschool Still Life sign.Andy Warhol type of painting of a child's handprint in black surrounded by different colors.Child's painting of yellow flowers with green leaves.  Above the flowers are a sun made of yellow dots and one green and one purple butterflies.Watercolor of a beagle by an artist.  Two children's abstract art pieces by Landry and Yaseen aged 3.

A child's sculpturemade from a clear acrylic brush, a googly eye, and blue and red shoelaces.Children's artword based upon Vincent Van Gogh's Irises.vvvvChild's abstract artwork in yellow, red, bluse, and purple.Another abstract artwork in red, light blue, green, and brown.

Picture of children showing their parent's the artwork hanging on a wall in the LSU Museum of Art.Geometric colored shapes in children's paintings.  A poster with Frank Lloyd Wright written by a child.Blue Dog paintings by the children inspired by George Rodrigue.


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