Enhancing Brain Development in Infants and Young Children - Strategies for Caregivers and Educators

SOE's DiCarlo Releases New Book

Enhancing Brain Development in Infants and Young Children - Strategies for Caregivers and Educators


June 22, 2020

Photo of the book cover of Enhancing Brain Development in Infants and Young Children

Dr. Cynthia DiCarlo, professor in the School of Education, collaborated with Doris Bergen, Lena Lee, and Gail Burnett to publish Enhancing Brain Development in Infants and  Young Children. This practical resource explains brain development from prenatal to age 8 with suggestions for activities educators and caregivers can use to foster children’s cognitive growth. The authors begin with the basics of brain development, and the issues that affect it, and then provide information specific to infant, toddler, preschool, and kindergarten to primary age levels. Educational activities are described as they relate to physical, language, social, emotional, cognitive, and academic progress relevant to brain development at each age level. Modifications of activities for young children with disabilities are included. The authors also discuss contemporary issues related to the future education of young children, including how technology-augmented experiences may positively and negatively affect children’s development.

“An indispensable book for educarers of young children, which comprehensibly blends brain development information with practical ways of actively engaging children to learn and develop. It brings brain research into the early years’ setting and highlights the vital work of educarers. The coherence of the book's structure with theory, vivid case studies, and explicit curricula connections clearly informs important points of discussion.”  Eleni Loizou, associate professor of early childhood education, University of Cyprus 

Book Features:

  • Explains brain development concepts for practitioners and students.
  • Recommends brain-enhancing experiences related to age-level brain development.
  • Includes modified activities for children with special needs.
  • Provides vignettes for context and to illustrate concepts.
  • Includes questions to promote discussion and a deeper understanding of the content.


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